Recipes for Competitors of Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, and You

The objective of Bodybuilders' Cook Book is to provide a compilation of recipes that are balanced, healthy, and great tasting.   The misconception has been that in order to eat healthy, food has to be bland or  taste like cardboard and rubber.  The misconception will be proven wrong and this book will become the epicenter of your success, whether you wish to compete or just to lose fat.   This isn't just for men who want to be ripped to shreds.  It is also for women who want to look their best.

All the recipes in this book have been prepared and tasted in order to provide the most flavorful and satiating meal for you.  Getting in shape is already hard enough, and eating boiled chicken day in and day out can make the strongest of us want to throw in the towel.  A balanced diet is everything and quitting is never and option.

Please feel free to donate your own favorite recipe.  Adequate credit will be given to those who wish to donate a recipe.